ASHLEY :: 2015 Senior

My senior portrait session with Chelsea Atkins was one of a kind! I couldn’t ask for a better experience! She makes you feel beautiful, and does everything she can to make your session exactly what you want. The preparation process from make-up, to hair, to putting on different outfits and going to different locations was a blast. I loved how she incorporated the different hair styles I wanted, to match the different outfits I chose for the shoot. I also really liked how she made each of my looks go perfectly with my surroundings. The shoot itself was so much fun! I loved being posed in many different ways at each location, and she made sure to capture every look possible. I liked that she gave me specific direction on how to stand or place my hands, but at the same time giving me the freedom to do whatever felt natural to me. She made me feel comfortable and like myself in every picture, which was exactly what I wanted. When I saw all of the pictures at my ordering session, I was in complete awe at the results! She did an amazing job at capturing my personality, and making my pictures unique to me. This is what made my senior portrait experience one of a kind. I hope that every senior girl gets to experience her amazing work, and an unforgettable experience!

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