Mallory H :: 2014 Senior

Honestly the entire experience was my favorite part! Just having people around me who were professional but also made me feel so comfortable, made my session that much more special. Going out to the scenery made it so special and exciting. I loved getting pampered with my hair and makeup:) This experience is something ill never forget and I hope all girls get to experience your stunning work. Thank you just doesn’t say enough.


I can not describe the time I had ! I had so much fun with chelsea and Charissa, they made me feel like we’ve known each other forever. They really knew who I was and what fit me the best and that made it so much easier for me ! I didn’t want the session to end, I couldn’t thank them enough

Charissa- Makeup Artist

Charissa made me feel like a celebrity the whole time ! You knew exactly what would work the best for my face and that was a lifesaver in its own. I really loved the makeup choice I never would’ve thought of the things that you did! I also was completely amazed at how you got my hair to do what you wanted :) That’s something to brag about in its own and I loved every single hairstyle, it really tied everything together ! Thank you so much

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