Mattie B :: 2014 Senior

My favorite part was every moment of the experience. The hair and makeup, the picture taking, the funny faces, and it being the best picture experience of my life!


Overall, my experience with Chelsea Atkins Photography was one I won’t forget, and probably one of the highlights of my summer. I remember freaking out about who I wanted to do my senior pictures, and then I saw your work and I knew I would have to get mine done by you. Every part of my experience was great. I’d like to thank Charissa for doing absolutely AMAZING on my hair and makeup. And lets not forget Chelsea Atkins herself. I had an AWESOME time with you! There was never a dull moment. You would think that having your pictures taken by someone you’ve never met would be uncomfortable, but you made every moment of it fun and relaxing. If I had to pick who’d do my senior pictures again, I would still choose you. I hope a bunch of seniors go to you and experience the amazing experience I had. Thank you so much!


First off, I’d like to thank Charissa for doing absolutely AMAZING on my makeup and hair. It was definitely one of my favorite parts to have my makeup and hair done. (Made me think, so this is what it’s like to be famous. Haha.:) ) Charissa you’re great at what you do, maybe one day you’ll be doing famous peoples makeup and hair!



I loved that Chelsea had Charissa available there for hair and make-up. We really don’t wear make-up and having Charissa there to make Mattie look amazing was a blessing! I also loved that they where so friendly and made both us comfortable. Asked us if we had any ideas and worked with Mattie and her spunkiness!


Thank you so very much for a wonderful experience to the beginning of Mattie’s senior year!! I didn’t feel like you rushed Mattie’s photo session and you welcomed Mattie’s idea’s! I loved that Mattie’s pictures aren’t going to look like everyone elses! I have been telling everyone about you!!

Thanks for everything! Sheila (Mattie’s mom)

Charissa- Makeup Artist

Charissa did an beautiful job! I loved that she didn’t over do Mattie’s make-up and make her look like someone else. But made her eye’s look amazing!! Thank you so very much!!



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