MCKAYLA :: 2015 Senior

My favorite part was being on site with Chelsea. She made the experience well worth it. I was very nervous I was going to be shy and not talk a lot. But low and behold Chelsea had be laughing and smiling and we had an absolutely amazing time.


I had an amazing time with you. You made everything so enjoyable. From the moment I walked in your studio there was a very positive and exciting aura. I had a smile on my face the whole time. When we were shooting it was pretty cold, but you made it worth every bit of being cold. It felt like I had known you for ages, when that was our first time meeting. You are a very easy person to talk to and get along with. It was honestly an honor working with you.


Hailey was very fun to work with. She kept conversation with me and did an amazing job on my hair and make up. I loved my hair. I had never had airbrush make up done before and when Hailey did it it was fun and I loved the way I looked. I loved the way she did all of my hair and make up. She is very fun and relaxed, which I throughly enjoyed. It one of the most amazing experiences I have had. Hailey made me look like a beauty queen/princess. I felt as if I was being pampered.

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