TORI :: 2015 Senior

Chelsea- Photographer

What is there to say? You have probably heard it all, and I have already thanked you multiple times, but hey! I’ll do it again. Thank you so much. I had such an amazing time with both you and Charissa. The fact that you give out free sessions is amazing, and something I didn’t expect; I am so honored to of won mine.  
You have such an awesome personality and are very easy to get along and comfortable with. If that doesn’t make sense I’ll explain: coming from a small background of modeling, I have never felt more comfortable with a photographer and that’s something that I value and think is a reason your seniors keep promoting you to others. It’s not just because of the amazing experience or jaw-dropping photos, but because you are so much fun and really make sure that your seniors are comfortable with you. The experience between a photographer and a model is huge. You could have the meanest photographer with the best photographs, and the nicest photographer with the worst. And if a poll was taken, better memories would be with the more kind photographer, even if she had not the best photo’s in the world, and would help enhance the experience which is worth more than anything. Chelsea, you do just that; plus you have the bonus of amazing photographs as well.(: 
The experience I had while taking (and prepping for) my senior pictures is one I will never forget. I felt like a princess, had a blast and ended up with the most outstanding photographs I could have ever asked for. I am overjoyed that I ended up getting my pictures with Chelsea, and would never dream of going to anyone else. My recommendation for going to Chelsea is through the roof and you can bet on it that I will be promoting Chelsea to people everywhere.
Thank you again for such a great time, I will never forget it.

Charissa- Makeup Artist

Charissa was a complete doll! She knew what she was doing and did an outstanding job with my hair, that far exceeded my expectations. I feel slightly bad when it came to makeup since I let her have full reign, and she seemed a bit hesitant with it, but I hope she had as much fun as I did.

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